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Sara Tattarletti Nutrizionista Monza

“Let the food be
your medicine
and medicine be your food” 

Hippocrates of Kos, 460 BCE

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Food is nourishment, but also a daily habit, pleasure, well-being, conviviality.

Foods is innumerable, various in nature, rich in precious substances for men and women; it brings essential elements to our body and support its correct functioning.

The balanced supply of nutrients through the variety of foods available in nature represents the best requirement for maintaining psycho-physical health.

"Everything seems to change when We change!"

sara tattarletti nutrizionista monza

Who is nutritional counseling
targeted to?

Nutritional counseling in all its aspects must be of interest to anyone who realizes the importance of an adequate and nutritious diet .

Nutritional counseling is fundamental in order to reach goals such as weight loss, weight gain, increasing muscle mass and maintaining a pre-existing body composition.

It's used to achieve, through a healthy and nutritious diet, a decreasing low-grade inflammatory state which often causes disorders or symptoms which, not always are attributable to a specific cause..

Dott.ssa Tattarletti nutrizionista Monza

Recipes & Suggestions

Martedì 28 Marzo 2023 

ore 7:30-8:30- 9:30 (tre fasce orarie)

presso: Spazio Eventi  Manzoni16 - Monza

"MANGIARE BENE PER STARE BENE: A colazione con la Nutrizionista dott.ssa Sara Tattarletti"

Sabato 20 Aprile 2023 · ore 19:00-20:00

presso: Spazio Eventi  Manzoni16 - Monza

"INFIAMMAZIONE DA CIBO: cause, farmaci e prevenzione"

condotto da: Dott. Luca Speciani

Alessandra P.

I had been attempting to lose the kilos accumulated after two pregnancies for years. Thanks to Dr. Tattarletti I lost 17 kilograms in a short time I have improved my relationship with food and especially my physical well-being. The Doctor was always attentive and meticulous in following my progress and delivering all the necessary information to support my diet. Thank you!!!

Stephanie C.

My journey with Dr. Sara began 3 months ago. I can truthfully say that she is a serious, competent and motivating professional but above all a nutritionist who knows how to listen and help the patients feel at ease.
She elaborated a detailed nutritional plan paying attention to the smallest details due to my nickel allergy.
So, I started  my diet and began to follow her advices scrupulously without suffering from hunger in fact I was and I still am energetic and eager to continue this journey with her.
I lost a lot of kg and cm and now in my new skin, I look and feel good.
The journey still isn't over, but I'm sure that with the help of doctor Tattarletti, reaching my goals will be easier.

Anthony M.

Dr Tattarletti in only three months was able to improve my body composition. I achieved goals that seemed impossible after years of working out with sacrifices and consistency. I thank the Doctor for her excellent professionality and patience. I suggest her to anybody who is looking to improve their body composition. She is truly very good at what she does, serious and competent.

Take care of your body,

it's the only place you have to live!

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