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the visits

Nutrizionista Monza Tattarletti

The visit and what to expect

​Thanks to my visit you can...

• Find out what healthy eating means to you, in your daily life.

• Learn to manage your emotions regarding food and develop a better relationship with food and your body.

• Recognize how your body reacts to various foods, so as to increase self-awareness.

• Promote positive changes in the medical parameters of your health, such as  blood values.

• Discover the importance of constant physical activity in your daily life.

The path to becoming the healthiest 
and more positive version of yourself...

Phase 0 •Booking the first visit

nutrizionista monza tattarletti
Dott.ssa Tattarletti nutrizionista Monza

Phase 1 •  First visit that lasts 75/90 minutes

and initiates the professional relationship whilst sharing client goals and expectations, medical history and body composition assessment.

Phase 2 •Check-ups - around 45 minutes. The frequency of these control visits is agreed upon the need and the planning of the achievement of the goals.

Sara Tattarletti Nutrizionista Monza
Dott.ssa Tattarletti nutrizionista Monza

Phase 3 •Maintenance and advice to maintain results; the sessions will be spaced out on the basis of the planned route.

Useful information:

After the delivery of the personalized diet via e-mail, the individual check-ups are scheduled.

The visit bill is paid visit by visit; cash, debit card and bank transfer are accepted.

Expenses incurred for nutritional visits, with consequent release of personalized food diets, performed by biologists, are deductible pursuant to art. 15, paragraph 1 letter c) of the TUIR.

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