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Your health is close to my heart

We will collaborate to achieve your goals through a personalized, simple and effective diet, which focuses on your individuality and your unique physiological and pathological conditions and needs

Nutrizionista Monza

Food is nourishment...

but as well a daily habit, pleasure, well-being and conviviality.
Able to make pleasant even the most challenging situations, it affects our emotions, in both a positive and negative sense.
The personal relationship with food is often a source of satisfaction, pleasure and reward but, on the other hand, it can become a cause of dissatisfaction and unease. The awareness of our own diet, how complete and nutritious it is, allows us to act as protagonists and take responsability for our well-being.

The balanced intake of nutrients through the variety of foods available in nature represents the best requirement for the maintenance of psycho-physical health.

A diet aimed at providing all the nutrients in a personalized and balanced way can improve health conditions, body composition, energy and overall mood.


The anamnesis takes place with a careful and detailed interview in which the goal to be achieved is highlighted. There is also a close observation of the person's lifestyle,  daily nutrition, energy levels, micro-macro nutrients based on physical activity, medical history, existing pathologies and drug therapies in use.

It's i mportant to remember that the term diet is currently used in a restrictive sense, strongly limiting its Greek etymological meaning "diaitìa"  which means way of life, lifestyle, "order to be diligently observed" to take constant care of one's life and to eat consciously.
It becomes effective and emotionally stimulating to search and find a healthy food regime, filled with yummy nutrients that can
 help recover psycho-physical well-being

The Signal Diet represents just that: a new approach to nutrition in order to obtain improvements in a person's health and psycho-physical state and improvements in a person's body composition.

The food anamnesis takes place when highlighting a client's eating habits, the distribution of nutrients across the day, possible nutritional deficiencies, emotional states related to certain foods, stress conditions that can affect proper nutrition and physical activity performed. It may be accompanied by the test QuASA o Anamnestic questionnaire able to detect Food Sensitivities. Therefore, the best strategy in terms of a food program can be individually defined and created. This will allow for recovery, greater well-being and a positive change in body composition in terms of fat mass, lean mass and hydration.



The Food Overload History Questionnaire allows you to evaluate the overload of one or more food groups through a food history questionnaire.


Signal Diet

Signal Diet is a simple meal plan effective, which respects the body, its physiology and its hormonal cycles. Hormones are signal molecules and specifically some of them, adipokines, myokines and enterokines, coming from the adipose tissue, from muscle tissue and ...



The analysis of tissue hydration status i helps assess body composition.

BIA stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. It is the evaluation method of body composition from the state of hydration of the tissues...



The Food Overload History Questionnaire allows you to evaluate the overload of one or more food groups through a food history questionnaire.

This food overload is recognized as responsible for the onset of various symptoms often connected to the so-called "food intolerances” now defined as Food Sensitivities.
It has to do with delayed 
food allergy, different from classic allergies because the body reacts to the allergens contained in food with a different mechanism, not immediately as in classic allergies but delayed following the accumulation of allergens in the body over time. The Immune System is stimulated to such an extent that it is induced to exceed its tolerance and, therefore, trigger symptoms.

The QuASA analyzes three different areas:

1.    The patient's predisposition towards a Food Sensitivity, in relation to genetic, pharmacological and individual history factors.

2.    The eventual overload of one or more food groups.

3.    The probable correlation between symptoms of overload and foods that cause them. The answers that the patient provides generate a general predisposition score and a specific score for each food group both involved in the symptomatology.

A careful analysis of the results allows you to set up a personalized and effective diet to allow the Immune System to recover the lost tolerance.

Signal Diet

The Signal Diet, also known as DietGIFT(an acronym for Graduality, Individuality, Flexibility and Tone) is a simple but effective diet, which respects the body, its physiology and its hormonal cycles.
Hormones are signal molecules and specifically some of them, adipokines, myokines and enterokines, coming from adipose tissue, muscle tissue and the digestive system are capable of regulating all metabolic axes with direct results on both slimming the body and on health.

Through natural healthy foods for humans, a normal-calorie and normal-protein diet, effective activation of metabolism, adequate and constant physical activity, a remodeling of body composition is achieved. This happens with a gradual but long-lasting loss of fat mass and maintenance of tone and muscle mass.

The Signal Diet induces the restoration of an adequate microbiota capable of supporting the correct functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system. Calorie counting loses its leading role with respect to hormonal regulation obtained through the correct distribution of food throughout the day and in a single meal.

A balanced, nutritious, healthy and rich diet with particular attention to the quality of the food consumed is also useful to avoid insulin surges which are often the cause of metabolic diseases.

Dott.ssa Tattarletti nutrizionista Monza
Dott.ssa Tattarletti nutrizionista Monza

Evaluation of body composition through bioimpedenziometry and body circumferences.

The analysis of tissue hydration status helps assess body composition.

BIA stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. It is the evaluation method of body composition starting from the state of hydration of the tissues. It exploits the analysis of the passage of a small electric current between four electrodes placed at the ends of the limbs on the basis of the principle whereby the intra and extracellular fluids of lean tissues behave as conductors, unlike bones and fat tissue.
By doing so, the two values of resistance and reactance are obtained which respectively indicate the nutritional status, expressed in kg of Cell mass and hydration expressed as extracellular body water expressed as a percentage value and, by derivation, the fat mass.
The measurement is represented in a graph that allows comparison with reference to the population for the individual patient and the visualization of the changes in subsequent measurements.

Body composition assessment using BIA Akern 101: The bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technique is based on a simple test, non-invasive and feasible for all. Periodic checks facilitate the understanding of changes in body composition, evaluating how adipose tissue, lean tissue, total water and extracellular water have changed over time. You will therefore have, over time, a framework of effectiveness a of the diet followed, lifestyle change proposed, with the ability to check and correct any errors food.


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